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Understanding Earlybird PRE-ORDERS
Hey beautiful, Here's the scoop on our Pre-Orders: Think of them as your VIP access to our upcoming inventory. By pre-ordering, you're not just reserving the latest designs and restocks. You're also giving us a fabulous helping hand in planning our production – and we're all about that community support! 

⚠️ Estimated Ship Date is July 9⚠️
Now, let's chat about timing. 🕒 We're a self-funded brand with a big heart, so we estimate when your goodies will ship. But, you know how life is – sometimes unpredictable! So, these dates are our best guesses and might shift a bit. As soon as our warehouse gets the products, we're like fashion ninjas, getting your order ready to ship out to you.

If you've got in-stock items along with your pre-order, we'll send them all together.
It's like a party in a package!

Thanks a million for being part of our 7degrees family. Your support means the world to us, and we can't wait for you to rock our latest styles. 💖

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