About Us

Want a quick view into our company and me as I navigate this awesome business world check out this interview I got the pleasure of being asked to do from the amazing one and only Alison J. Prince. 

Where do you start talking about a company that's growing and serving?
Building a Family and tribe of women who support and raise each other up. Take out the negative and replace it with self-worth.
Building on the positive want to share love and goodness throughout the journey and evolution of a start-up to a homegrown brand you can trust

7degrees started in an online boutique in 2017 that rocked the fashion industry, as that company changed we divided the business as the brand developer for the custom designs, the manufacturing came with me, continuing to build on that initial foundation under a new brand 7degrees is what it is today. 

Please, we welcome you to be part of our family.
We want you to Live, Laugh, and Love in comfort and Color. To celebrate life. To celebrate your journey. 

Thanks for being here! 


Meet the Owner & Designer:  Shera Rowley
As a Fashion Design graduate from the best design school the west coast has to offer, F.I.D.M. I set out originally in the bridal industry.  After owning a bridal shop, operating and designing for years 18 years. A journey of many sleepless nights, busy weekends and some amazing clients. I decided I needed to shift gears and I had set my sights set on online retail.  Fast forward to today, I am the doing what I love with my family by my side.  You can find me right here, right where I want to be.