What you need to know about our Earlybird Pre-Orders

What does it mean to have EarlyBird a hoodie?

Our hoodies are designed by us here at 7Degrees. Each design is unique and made with our custom-developed pattern. We don't buy from other companies and resale.

Early Bird/Pre-Order buying is a way for you to get in on the latest designs and guarantee the style and size of them before they arrive in-store or sell out. 

We Estimate the shipping time based on the dates we are given from our shipping company, but the exact shipping date isn't known.  Please understand somethings are out of our control & until they are recieved the ESTIMATED ship date can change. Once they are received in our warehouse, we start shipping out your orders! Any In stock hoodies placed with Early Bird orders will ship now-UNLESS the earlybirds estimated arrive date is withing 7 buisness days. 

More FAQs:
When do I pay? You pay at the time of order, not at the time of shipment. If You place a pre-order with an in stock hoodie, the in stock hoodie will ship immediately. No need to wait! Plus, you still get to enjoy your shipping discount! 

How Do I know what Item is Early-bird? You will see a Tag over the image. Early-bird in the title of the product, You can see it also listed on the Pre-order page, and also in the product description you will see the estimated arrival date as well as the pre-order information. 

Can I cancel a Pre-Order? Yes you can just ask. We have a no questions asked refund policy all the way up until the day it ships out.  

Can I return Pre-Orders? Yes you can! We understand that sometimes sizing can be a big question even after using the size chart. If you are unsatisfied, you have 10 days from the arrival date to contact us for return options!

When will the new hoodies be in? Dates are subject to change as we wait on the manufacturer to complete everything and for the shipment to arrive into the warehouse, as well! We will keep the info updated as best we can along the way! 

If at any time you need further details, please contact us via email or messenger and we will be happy to assist! However, I recommend Facebook messenger as it is the fastest way to reach us. 
We also provide chat hours M-F. 

You can Watch a little video about Pre-Orders here!