About Our Sizing

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Size number reflects size rage. Measured Flat Before Stretch
If you want a looser fit size Up

Size Bust Waist Hips
XS-(2-6) B:34 W:26 H:36
S- (6-8) B:36 W:28 H:38
M-(8-12) B:38 W:30 H:40
L-(12-16) B:40 W:32 H:42
XL-(16-18) B:42 W:34 H:44
1XL-(18-20) B:43.5 W:36 H:46
2XL-(20-22) B: 45.5 W:38 H:48
3XL-(22-24) B: 47.5 W: 41 H:50


Kid Hoodies are standard shopping size
If they wear a 6T get a 6.


Size is reference to average joggers fit. Made with
the same amazing spandex blended fabric.

Size Waist Hips Inseam
XS-(2-6) W:26 H:36 28 1/2
S- (6-8) W:28 H:38 28 1/2
M-(8-12) W:30 H:40 28 3/4
L-(12-16) W:32 H:42 29
XL-(16-18) W:34 H:44 29 5/8
1XL-(18-20) W:36 H:46 30 1/4
2XL-(20-22) W:38 H:48 31 7/8
3XL-(22-24) W: 41 H:50 32 1/2