I was just getting started with 7degrees.  I had listened to many great brand business owners and what I heard over and over was "my business coach." In My mind, I knew if I wanted 7degrees to become something more than just a brand, and to help me implement this, I needed to find someone to coach me to do it right.
In walks AlisonJ.Prince, I joined her online program in November, of 2018 and in March of 2019 she announced a 1on1 coaching program, I went all in.  I worked closely with her for a year and a half, and she helped me build the foundation of 7degrees. 
I haven't been able to see her in person since 2019, along with two of my closest friends, who I met through that same coaching program. We got to see her speak live and then hug her so tight.

1st interview https://www.alisonjprince.com/podcast/changing-directions-shop7degrees

2nd interview :

Interview 1 is on Youtube.

This was a full-circle moment for me.
You can catch my two guest interviews on her fantastic podcast "How To Sell Online" and catch my two guest interviews if you want micro coaching sessions from one of the most amazing women in business I know