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You'll Love Our Flattering Hoodies for Women

What can flattering hoodies do for you when you feel overwhelmed? Juggling rambunctious young kids, baseball practice, a husband, and a demanding career? At any one point, you have so much on your plate that it seems you’re always playing catch up. Your days feel like an endless blur that leaves you with little time for yourself.  

At 7 Degrees, we feel your struggle and know that doing even one thing for yourself can give you the lift that you need so that you can seize the day. We have designed our hoodies to complement your busy lifestyle and keep you teeming with positive energy.

Effortlessly Stylish, Flattering Hoodies for Women

Between preparing breakfast and getting unruly kids ready for school, you have close to no time to dress sensibly. Sometimes you only have time to grab the nearest outfit before heading out the door. At 7 Degrees, we’ve gone the distance to ensure your busy mornings don’t overtake your fashion sense.

Our hoodies are designed to complement anything in your wardrobe, from dresses, skirts, slacks, and jeans. They're are crafted to complement your figure so that you can achieve a stylish look effortlessly, even when you’re short on time. The unique hourglass design will complement your curves, while the long body length ensures you’re not self-conscious throughout the day. 

Ahhh....Matchless Comfort

Restrictive clothing is a fashion faux pas when you’re an engaged, active woman. You want a wardrobe that fits your busy lifestyle and complements your need to get things done quickly and efficiently. Our hoodies are made from a comfortable Spandex stretch material to contour around your body and nestle you in a gently comfortable embrace for matchless comfort that merges seamlessly into your lifestyle. 

Professionally designed with long sleeves and comfortable thumbholes, you can rest assured that our hoodies will never get in your way or entangled since they’re crafted for a highly functional, yet feminine fit. 

A handy inside pocket provides additional storage space for your phone, so your front pockets don’t feel heavy and overloaded. A double zipper offers ready access to the inner pocket without sacrificing precious body heat during freezing winters. 

Versatile Color Blends  

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Children, in their unbridled innocence, tend to say the darnedest things. That’s why a simple compliment such as “I love your hoodie, mommy” can have you walking on clouds for the rest of the day. 

Our fashionable hoodies will help you feel seen, appreciated, and loved. We’ve designed them to help you project an air of quiet confidence that speaks to your refined sense of fashion, and are available in various blends of eye-pleasing colors.


Between braces, school supplies, and a never-ending pile of utility bills, your mommy dollars are stretched thin. That’s why 7 Degrees isn’t about fast fashion. Our hoodies strike the delicate balance between fashion-forwardness and durability. Our unique blend of fibers are handpicked for resilience, high quality, durability, fade resistance, and comfort level. 

As a busy career woman, doting mother, and adorable wife, you already have too much on your plate. There isn’t enough bandwidth to keep up with the latest fashion fad fueling an endless buy-and-discard cycle. Our hoodies withstand the test of time to keep you looking stylish all year round.  Stay Fashionable!

Stay Fashionable With Our Flattering Hoodies!

Frumpy, off-the-rack hoodies have no space in your wardrobe. It’s time to stock up on stylish, comfortable hoodies to complement your busy lifestyle. Our hoodies feature a slim, feminine fit with a flattering hourglass curve that will keep you feeling confident and beautiful. Comfortable thumbholes ensure the sleeves fit snugly and feel like a second layer of skin. 

Have your pick from our flattering hoodies for women.