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How Should a Hoodie Fit a Woman?

They boast a unique feminine fit that gives you a cozy, warm, and comfortable embrace. Our hoodies are the equivalent of having a trusty friend who cheers you on throughout the seasons. You can count on them to brighten even the gloomiest and toughest days.

Feel a little drained? Tired? Overwhelmed? Slip on your favorite hoodie, and it'll help you feel more confident to take on the day. 

Stylish without Eclipsing Your Personality  

The right choice of hoodies can help your personality shine. All too often, motherhood eclipses everything else in your life and becomes a major part of your identity. While we can’t deny being a mother is incredible – it’s just one part of your identity. 

Available in cool and stylish color combinations that blend with your personality, 7degree hoodies can help you reclaim the overlooked parts of yourself and capture your essence. 

Casual and Sophisticated

Motherhood and the passing years may mean you’re not a supermodel, but that’s no reason to settle for boxy, off-the-rack hoodies. You need a hoodie that lets you seamlessly dress your curves with an hourglass pattern that gently contours your body shape without compressing the life out of your rib cage. 

The slim, comfortable fit and longer body length let you cut an attractive figure that draws compliments. Don't be surprised if you do a double take every time you catch yourself in the mirror!

Comfortable Without Restrictions 

Baggy, oversized hoodie should stay home,  in a high-functioning mom’s wardrobe. You can stock up on colorful and stylish hoodies that perfectly fit your body type. 

how should a hoodie fit a woman

At 7degrees, our stylish, hourglass-shaped hoodies are made from a unique spandex blend for utmost comfort. The slim fit means your curves will no longer get lost in a huge boxy hoodie with voluminous materials. This gives you the freedom to be a supermom who gets things done quickly and efficiently. 

Get the Right Hoodie for You

There’s more to a hoodie than a garment to keep you warm and comfortable. The right choice of hoodie can uplift your spirit, improve your self-confidence, and provide the strength you need to soldier through the most trying days. You can reclaim your identity with cool and stylish hoodies available in various enchanting colors and designs. Shop for your perfect hoodie today!