Being fashionable and trendy may not be a top priority for a working mom. Not when you’re juggling what feels like four careers simultaneously. Raising the kids, running the house, caring for your spouse, and managing your job, you may feel like you’ve maxed out your bandwidth multiple times a week. Every day feels like a marathon that relentlessly takes everything you have and more -- leaving you to play catch-up. 

You've learned to prioritize everyone else’s needs over your own and you're left with just enough to get you through the day. At 7 Degrees, we’re determined to let your personality shine through, even on the busiest days.

Dress Your Personality 

While a refined fashion sense is typically the first to get the ax when life comes calling, it's important to continue to foster this part of yourself during your busiest seasons in life. The reason for this is that it can help with your self-esteem. Did you

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know that stepping out in a polished and confident outfit gives off vibes that you’ve got it together and are feeling good about yourself? It allows you to keep your head high and gives you the energy to handle your business like a boss. The admiring glances from loved ones, colleagues, or even strangers are the icing on your cake.   

And that’s why many moms have a few favorite go-to pieces, despite a wardrobe brimming with outfits. These pieces elevate your mood. In most cases, donning these outfits feels like hanging out with a dear friend. They’re comfortable, functional, trusty, and uplifting. 

Women's Fashion Hoodies as a Form of Self-Expression 

See, there’s more to fashion than clothes, accessories, and short-lived trends that make you want to pull out your hair. A profound fashion sense is deeper. It's a form of self-expression -- an effortless way to communicate your social liveliness and tastes. 

The clothing you choose can speak volumes and, most importantly, can give you a boost. During a busy day, tweaking your dress code offers you a chance to feel put together -- as well as side-step some of the assumptions and misconceptions. It doesn't have to be complicated. While the parts that stand out may vary, your clothes send a strong message to you and others.

Sometimes your wardrobe may unconsciously send a message about your personality. For instance, if your closet is brimming with frumpy, oversized pieces, it may signal a desire to be invisible or hide from the world. (Conversely, a closet full of designer threads may imply that you’re trying to compensate for some inadequacies.)

Awareness can help you dress your personality to match the message you wish to send about yourself. Fill your wardrobe with thoughtful pieces to create a look that fits your goals and lifestyle and bring out the best version of you. 

Create a Signature Style

Creating a signature style may sound daunting, but it’s pretty straightforward. It’s essential that you use classic pieces that can remain stylish and fashionable all year round to build your trademark style. It’s as simple as having a pattern, a look, or a fashionable women’s hoodie associated with you and lets you reconnect with your true self. Chances are you’ll need to break the conventions and move from off-rack frumpy pieces to custom fashionable pieces that allow you to shine. Creating a signature style around comfortable and functional pieces will have you looking stylish and brimming with confidence. 

Work With What You've Got 

Sometimes money is the biggest stumbling block to building a well-suited wardrobe that reflects your best self. Between the mortgage, utility bills, school fees, and medical bills, you rarely have enough dollars to update your closet. Sprinkle some creativity into your current wardrobe and create beautiful outfits that suit your go-getter personality. 

It's best to move away from fast fashion because the clothing items tend to be beautiful, but not durable. Custom brands such as 7 Degrees women's hoodies deliver durable, custom-made clothing items, including fashionable hoodies for women, without breaking the bank. Clothing from 7 Degrees provides high-quality pieces to effortlessly dress your personality and join an online community of fashion-forward moms. 

In its truest form, style is self-expression, a reflection of your thoughts, preferences, tastes, and preferences. If you pull off a look perfectly, you can relate to it, leaving you feeling confident. At 7 Degrees, we design and make fashionable hoodies that effortlessly dress your personality.  

We're so glad that you stopped by! We value each member of our community and aim to create a compassionate and empowering online space. Shop our store today for patterns ranging from size S-4X that you can wear almost anywhere!