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Our Focus: Form-Fitting Hoodies & Self-Worth

For all its joys and rewards -- motherhood and all of the responsibilities that come along with it -- can exert a heavy toll. We get it. At 7 Degrees, we’ve created an online community that celebrates supermoms like you. We understand what it takes to be a dedicated mom, wife, employee -- because we’ve walked the journey.

Along the way, we've learned a thing or two about what it takes to stay empowered and healthy minded in a world that doesn't always support. Here are three of the values that we live by and wish to share with our community. 

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1.) Ditch the Unrealistic Standards

In a world that’s set unrealistic beauty standards, moms often bear the brunt of it. Everywhere you look—TV, social media, magazines—you’re bombarded with images of photoshopped models. The world uses these unrealistic standards to send a superficial message about what it takes to be a suave and sophisticated mom. But this is real life. 

Juggling it all is an incredible feat. Only a mother can understand the dedication and commitment it takes to care for kids, get to work on time and then have energy for taking the kids to practice, assist with homework, and then provide dinner at the end of the day. There's little to no time to hit the gym, get on a diet, or keep up with the latest fashion fad. 

The school runs, recitals, sports practice, and play dates pack your schedule to the brim, and it doesn't change the older kids get. Unrealistic expectations are just that -- especially when set by people who’ll never walk a tenth of a mile in your shoes.  

2.) Tune Into Safe and Enabling Online Spaces 

We understand the value of establishing healthy relationships across the board. This includes where you hang out online, as well as with your body. Interestingly, those two can go hand in hand. We know it is not an easy feat—not in a world that’s quick to judge while offering little to no support. Besides creating a fantastic line of form-fitting hoodies for women, we have created a safe online space for moms. 

The way you feel about your body and identity is influenced and shaped by internal and external forces. So, you must understand the distinction between your body and body image. 

Body image is how you think and feel about your appearance. Unsurprisingly, formative memories, culture, and media significantly influence your body image. Society expects you to look and feel a certain way based on unrealistic standards. 

Join us and connect with real mothers— women who’ve walked in your shoes and emerged stronger and more secure, knowing they're accepted just as they are. Walk with us on this journey, and we’ll help you dispel some false narratives that only cause you pain. 

3.) Challenge Yourself to Take on a Refreshing Worldview 

At 7 Degrees, we embrace the beauty that emerges as we age. Bodily changes that result from motherhood, working hard, and dedicating oneself to loved ones represent beautiful resolve, love, and commitment to the things that matter most. 

Realize that your body has allowed you to achieve wonderful things and bring some of the people you love most into this world. Next time you look at yourself in the mirror, don’t dismiss your belly and wish for the body of your youth. Instead, see the part of you that kept your little angel safe for nine months. Look at your stretchmarks with pride—these are battle scars that evidence your herculean journey to motherhood. 

Join 7 Degrees’ supportive community of mothers who share your ideals and support your outlook on life. We’re on a mission to help you create a positive body image while stepping out in style. We’ll help reinforce and protect your new narrative until you’re brimming with the confidence of the supermom that you are. Our form-fitting hoodies were designed to help you take it all in stride and emerge victorious, all while looking effortlessly stylish.

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