Do you ever feel the need to dress up to take a trip to the grocery store? As mothers, we are often expected to keep up appearances — and it’s not always realistic. Here at 7 Degrees, we have created a line of super stylish tailored hoodies for women. We empower mothers to embrace their changing bodies with confidence.

Figure-Flattering Hoodies for the Modern Mom

At 7 Degrees, we don’t believe in conforming to unrealistic beauty standards. We understand that motherhood is an incredible feat. Thus, getting caught up in the pressure of always looking and feeling perfect is easy.

But that’s not what being a mom is all about. It’s about embracing your changing

tailored hoodie

body and celebrating the journey.

We’ve created an online community that celebrates the beauty of motherhood. Our community provides a safe space for moms to connect. We encourage moms to ditch unrealistic standards. Here, mothers can tune into an enabling and supportive environment.

A New Narrative for Moms

It’s no secret that our world influences our body image. Images of photo-shopped models bombard us all the time. It isn’t easy to stay positive and confident when society expects us to look and feel a certain way.

We empower women to create a positive body image. Here, women recognize that their bodies have allowed them to achieve amazing things. Instead of focusing on the negative, we want to celebrate our battle scars. We want you to admire your stretch marks and embrace the beauty of aging.

Perfectly Fit to You

At 7 Degrees, we know that modern moms have a lot on their plate. That's why we created a line of stylish tailored hoodies to fit your body and lifestyle. You can look and feel your best with our trendy hoodies.

Our hoodies are also comfortable, so you can look and feel your best. They have a tailored-fit and a flattering shape so you can step out confidently. Plus, we offer a variety of colors and styles so you can find the perfect look for your unique style.

A Flattering Style for Any Occasion

7 Degrees hoodies are available in various styles and colors. We help you transition from home or gym, to lunch with a girlfriend and stay warm at the office or on the soccer field while cheering on your favorite little players.  Feel put together, even if you have to through it together. 

Layer Up in Style With Tailored Hoodies

Our hoodies are versatile and perfect for all sorts of occasions. These can range from running errands to the office and even lounging around the house.

7 Degrees hoodies offer a medium-weight terry knit. That is both warming and cooling, depending on your environment.  Layer them with a lightweight trendy denim jacket or a winter coat for a comfortable and fashionable look. Provide you with year round comfort.

Versatile, Stylish and Affordable Women's Hoodies

Our hoodies feature quality materials and craftsmanship. You know you’re getting a great product that will last for years. 

We all have our unique beauty. Remember that your body is more than a physical representation of yourself. At 7 Degrees, we want to help create a positive body image and embrace the beauty of motherhood. Our tailored hoodies provide a flattering shape and help you step out with boldness. Join us in celebrating the journey and embracing the beauty of motherhood.